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Marching orders for the “soldiers” of business.

This is a business book with a different spin, and today that is not easy to achieve. Don’t Sell
Yourself Short! is co-authored by the CEO of a talent-development firm, Carroll, and a retired U.S.
Army Master Sergeant, Gill. As a result, the book combines basic employee-motivational techniques
from a business perspective with a unique flavor—gung-ho advice provided by a former noncommissioned officer.

It’s a lively mix, and the book is helpful and entertaining. In Part I, Carroll and Gill begin by detailing some reasons why employees fail, using the technique of contrasting a “manager’s excuses” with “facts.” For example, the manager’s excuse, “Never excelled” is countered by the fact that the employee was “Never taught what it takes to be a top performer.”

In Part II, the authors address an organization’s dynamics, motivating factors, dissatisfaction factors and how to build a personal strategic plan to be successful. In Part III, the reader learns how to apply
the “Be–Know–Do” philosophy of the Army to the work environment. Within each section are inspiring and often humorous motivational quotes.

Also included are anecdotes, business scenarios and such tools as a “Mood Meter and Attitude Chart” and numerous “audit” forms, to assess organizational and personal performance and improvement. Gill even offers the reader an entire section of humorous “Army Lingo” which, he suggests, would be appropriate in a business setting.

Examples include “Go pound sand—take your problem somewhere else,” and “SWAG—a Sophisticated Wild A** Guess.  An estimate or a hypothesis that is unproven, but sounds good.” The terms will provide a welcome chuckle. The overuse of Army-induced philosophy can be heavy-handed at times, but the underlying message is valuable to any employee.

Glorifies employees in the field while poking fun at managers.

From the prestigious Kirkus Book Review

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